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M12 Motorway

Project description

Spatial Media was engaged to deliver a digital Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) for the new M12 Motorway. A new dual-carriageway motorway will connect the M7 Motorway with the Western Sydney Airport and the Northern Road. The portal has subsequently been updated throughout the project’s lifecycle.


Within Spatial Media’s Community Analytics™ (CA) platform the public is able to engage interactively with all aspects of the project, including noise, heritage and landscaping impacts as well as project history, along with all project documentation.


Spatial Media’s bespoke Interactive 3D platform was delivered alongside the portal. This responsive, fully-interactive experience allows users to experience the project in real-time.


The Virtual Information Room allows the public to learn more about the M12 Motorway in a fully-interactive environment. With social distancing restrictions in place, the online platform offers a convenient alternative to a real-life visit – one that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. To visit the room, please click here.


Explore the portal:


Visit the Virtual Information Rooms: 


Additional project information: Transport for NSW

Project details

Client:Transport for NSW
Tags: Interactive Engagement Portals & Map