Interactive Engagement Portals & Maps

Go beyond simple videos, text, and PDFs and deliver your stakeholders a rich, interactive, and immersive experience.

Our interactive engagement maps allow you to deliver the transformative vision of your projects to stakeholders in a way that educates and inspires. You’re able to provide stakeholders with access to key information in an easy-to-understand and immersive format while also collecting direct feedback too. This allows your stakeholders to feel a part of the process, while also helping you shape the project in a way that considers everyone involved.

90% Reduction in manual engagement response

4:32 average time-on-site for typical portals

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Engagement tools and features include:

2D/3D Interactive Map

Comment Mapping

Forms & Surveys

Address Lookup Tool

Unlimited Pages

Before/After Slider

360 Panorama

Bespoke Custom Tools