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Montréal Pothole Map

Project description

If you ride or drive in Montréal, you know all about the city’s pothole problem. While the city works to fill the major crevices dotting the city, a new crowdsourcing platform has been launched to track pothole locations and if and when they get filled.

Montreal’s Pothole Map allows users to mark the location of the city’s potholes and upload photos, indicate severity, and provide comments. Users can also indicate when a pothole has been filled, or note when it has not.  The Montreal Pothole map allows users to filter by pothole risk (vehicle or pedestrian/cyclist), cycling routes, and bixi stations.

Potholes pose a risk for all road users, but cyclists are particularly vulnerable because they have to choose to swing around a pothole to avoid it, potentially changing lanes, or risk damage to their bike by riding it through potholes. Both scenarios create a greater risk to the cyclists and those around them. Many on our team are cyclists here at Spatial Media, so we decided we wanted to do something to help the community, and hopefully help create better road conditions for everyone.

Montréalers can now access the map and upload their images directly into the platform.

Visit the Montréal Pothole Map -

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Tags: Interactive Engagement Portals & Map