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Rochedale Road and Priestdale Road

Project description

The upgrade of the intersection of Rochedale Road and Priestdale Road in Brisbane was brought to life for Brisbane City Council by Spatial Media. Comprising a fly-through, artist’s impressions and video, the local community can engage with the project and understand the scope of work, timings and rationale for the upgrade, which will involve:

- Removing the existing roundabout and installing traffic lights with signalised pedestrian crossings on all approaches to the intersection
- Widening Rochedale Road to four lanes through the intersection
- Installing dedicated turning lanes on all approaches to the intersection
- Installing a U-turn facility on the Rochedale Road northern approach to the intersection
- Installing off-road shared paths and on-road cycle lanes through the intersection
- Removing the existing zebra crossing south of the intersection on Rochedale Road and the un-signalised crossings east and west of the intersection on Priestdale Road
- Converting the intersection of Rochedale Road and Netherby Street to left-in and left-out only
- Removing approximately seven formal on-street parking spaces and 29 informal on-street parking spaces to ensure all road users can travel safely and efficiently through the intersection
- An alternate access driveway into the Rochedale Markets on Priestdale Road for eastbound traffic
- A right turn lane on Rochedale Road into the Rochedale Markets for northbound traffic. This turning lane will also provide a U-turn facility.

Watch the video on the client YouTube page:

Project details

Client:Brisbane City Council
Tags: 3D Visualizations videos & images