Checking Out The Changing Cities of Aotearoa, New Zealand


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Checking Out The Changing Cities of Aotearoa, New Zealand

Dan Cain, Spatial Media’s Head of Client Engagement returned home to Aotearoa, New Zealand in late 2023, as we grow and support more and more projects in the country’s pipeline of major infrastructure projects.

The opportunity to return home after supporting projects in the UK, Middle East, Australia and more was one which has allowed Dan to spend time with family, work flexibly and remotely while also being part of the $94 billion transformation taking place from Auckland to Invercargill.

“It’s great to be home,” said Dan. “I think many of us from New Zealand and Australia will understand that a huge part of us wants to travel the world, explore new places and cultures, but also really appreciates coming home.”

“My return came about through Spatial Media’s commitment to enabling us to work from where we want and to use technology to overcome the challenges of distance. This meant that for me, with a young family, the chance to head home, to connect with family and community, and be part of Spatial Media’s ongoing growth and success.”

But it wasn’t just family that fuelled Dan’s desire to head back across the ditch. The transformation that has taken place in New Zealand and is continuing in the coming years as infrastructure projects are delivered also fired up his interest.

“There is no doubt that there is a lot of excitement in New Zealand about the nation’s upcoming pipeline of major projects. With almost $95 billion in funding across over 1,000 projects in energy, water, transport, health and community facilities sectors, it’s clear that for residents, businesses and communities, investment will bring long term social and economic benefits,” said Dan.

As Dan reconnects with the cities he grew up visiting, living and working, he has been spending time in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

“In Auckland, I spent time in the Wynyard Quarter and Viaduct. It was really cool to see what great precinct planning and design can do to transform cities.  The addition of green, living streets creates a new look and feel in urban areas and makes everything seem more alive and welcoming. Precincts such as this should be the benchmark for urban development as they create not just a new precinct, but support development, regeneration and create new opportunities for businesses and residents.”

Auckland's Green Precincts

“In Wellington, the Queens Wharf precinct is a vibrant and active part of the city where lots of people break from work to run, swim, do mean bombs*, and eat and drink. I have also noticed that the communication style here in Aotearoa, NZ, is much more informal, natural and relaxed* particularly when it comes to signage. Wellington also has a strong Māori cultural/language presence which adds to the vibrancy of the city and makes it a great place to be.

Wellington's Casual Approach to Signage

“The transformation occurring in Christchurch as the city continues to rebuild is amazing, and it is fair to say that the city is thriving. As well as work - I got to have an arvo beer in a church, a run up the port hills, go to a music festival in Hagley Park and also walk past the new stadium being built - right in the city! The new stadium is going to be a huge drawcard for the region, and, look, it wouldn’t be a story about a New Zealander without mentioning rugby…but as soon as I can, I’ll be grabbing tickets to a Crusaders or All-Black’s game,” said Dan

A new home for the All Blacks and Crusaders takes shape in Christchurch