Introducing Spatial Tech



Spatial Media is proud to announce the formation of Spatial Tech, a new subsidiary that will spearhead the development and commercialisation of the organisation’s digital solutions, Community Analytics (CA) and Spatial Reality (SR).

Established in 2014, Spatial Media has grown from humble beginnings in Brisbane to be the number one digital community engagement provider in Australia. Spatial Media has supported the development of billions of dollars worth of critical infrastructure projects for government and private clients across the transport, energy, resources and renewables sectors in Australia, New Zealand and, since 2020, North America. Spatial Tech will be led by Morley Foster, a member of Spatial Media’s board and a leader with proven success in the development of world-class technology solutions.

Spatial Media’s Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Jai Eakin, outlined the vision for the new entity, “We are delighted to be able to take the next step in Spatial Media’s evolution through the establishment of Spatial Tech. “Our strategy enables us to continue the success of Spatial Media across our current and future enterprise markets while focussing on the further development of the world-class technologies and digital solutions that underpin our products”. “I am also delighted that Spatial Tech will be led by Morley. We could not ask for a more qualified executive to lead Spatial Tech and the continuous improvement and evolution of our suite of technologies,”

Spatial Media’s North American Managing Director,  Aaron Bernard has been a key creative driving force behind Spatial’s digital products. “Spatial Tech’s focus on SaaS solutions for visual communication and community engagement are key to the opportunities in Spatial Media’s emerging North American market. This new division will allow us to maximise our partnerships and reach the most diverse stakeholders in North America and around the world”

Having recently relocated to Canada Morley is excited to take up his new role.

“As a member of the board of Spatial Media, it has been a privilege to be part of the organisation’s growth and success. Spatial is a flat organisation focused on supporting the exceptional team of designers, artists, developers and community engagement specialists. By providing people the room to create and succeed they have taken an ambitious idea and turned it into a global success story.”

“With success at the enterprise level, we are focusing and expanding our development teams to move into the large and mid-markets with commercial SaaS offerings due for release in late 2022. By focusing our development skills and resources into Spatial Tech we can engage with suitable investors and partners to turbo charge our growth.”

My first undertaking is to speak with our people, partners, suppliers and clients to fine-tune our growth strategy and ambitions. I am always eager to hear from individuals and organisations that are interested in becoming part of Spatial Tech’s exciting future.”