Metrolinx Ontario Line Interactive Map





Metrolinx Ontario Line Interactive Map

March 25, 2022 – Toronto, ON – The Metrolinx Ontario Line interactive map officially went live last week. Developed by Spatial Media and hosted on its proprietary platform Community Analytics™, the interactive map provides users with the kind of visualization data previously only available to the infrastructure community.

The mobile-first consultation tool is available through the Metrolinx Engage website and directly through the Community Analytics (CA) platform.

“We developed Community Analytics to help democratize the consultation process around major infrastructure projects and give users access to accurate, geographic representations so they can better understand and interact with projects in their communities,” said Aaron Bernard, Founder and Managing Director of Spatial Media. “We designed the Metrolinx Ontario Line map with communities and businesses in mind. It allows Torontonians to find information about how they are personally impacted by a major project, whether at home, in their office, or on their commute.”

The Ontario Line will transform transit in Toronto and fundamentally change how hundreds of thousands of people move around the city. Projects of this size and complexity require ongoing consultation to ensure citizens have a voice in how their city is developed around them.

The Metrolinx Ontario Line interactive map, created by Spatial Media, provides users with information on critical project facts - including station plans, confirmed construction, other transit, traffic impacts, attractions, and live traffic data.

Users can select their neighbourhood, search any address and zoom in on an area of interest for 3D visualization and learn details about how the Ontario Line will impact them. Users will have the ability to go through each section of the sidebar to explore how the Ontario Line will impact Toronto and hover along the map to view the various components.

Virtual engagement has become critically important as COVID-19 continues to limit the ability to consult impacted community members in person. Spatial Media’s Community Analytics platform brings projects to life for communities, businesses and stakeholders. Founded by Canadians in Australia, Spatial Media has become a leader in Australian 3D visual consultation working with governments, institutions, and businesses of all sizes to bring projects to life online.

“Spatial Media is thrilled to have partnered with Metrolinx on this project,” said Bernard. “We fundamentally believe in the importance of consultation; a sentiment Metrolinx shares. Stakeholder engagement provides insights into the thoughts and interests of stakeholders, enabling better decision-making and better results – which is always our goal. We are very excited to see this project launch and look forward to working on more projects here at home in Canada.”

About Spatial Media

Spatial Media delivers a range of products enabling its clients to realise their complete online vision by creating common ground between the user experience and the user interface. Spatial Media’s visuals provide a polished package of photo-realistic and real-time images through creating high-end 3D renderings from architectural plans, maps, photographs and other material. Its Community Analytics™ (CA) technology allows clients to use existing media and mapping assets to gain detailed statistical data and feedback from the community on projects, asks survey questions and displays marketing information across all platforms.