Welcome, Lauren! – Meet Spatial Media’s New Digital Customer Support Specialist


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Welcome, Lauren! – Meet Spatial Media’s New Digital Customer Support Specialist

Spatial Media’s Digital Customer Support Specialist Lauren joined the team in November With a background in game design and broad cross-industry experience, Lauren is leading the charge to ensure that our clients and partners have the best possible experience when bringing their major projects to life. We caught up with Lauren to find out a little bit more about them and their role.

“I was really excited to join Spatial Media. I am excited about how technology can be used to connect people and information, so it makes me really happy to be involved in work that I am passionate about.”

“I have Bachelor's Degree in Game Development & Design, and I understand how immersive experiences like gaming can capture attention, engage people and encourage new ways to explore information. With a number of our projects, you can see how gaming design has supported engagement, whether that’s through interactive portals that allow user exploration or fun simulations such as the Brisbane Metro game, which allows the benefits of a project to be explored through play. And if you have seen our 3D technologies, it isn’t hard to understand why users engage with what we create.”

“Added to that, I have worked mainly in IT roles but within different industries, including dental, agriculture, defence and sport, so that gives me a broad understanding of various industries, as well as the needs of customers requiring reliable, knowledgeable and rapid support.”

With over 180 projects delivered in 2022 and a strong pipeline of new projects across Australia and North America, Lauren’s role is one that will be central to our ongoing growth.

“My role is the Digital Customer Support Specialist. I manage the backend ticketing systems by either actioning, QAing or allocating tasks as well as supporting the project managers with their ongoing projects. I’m there to help manage the work load as well as assist clients in a timely and proactive manner.”
“Proactiveness and an open door approach is what I will bring to our clients, I strive to help clients feel like they can always come to me if they need help, advice, training or support”
And as we support more and more projects, Lauren believes that there is something unique about the balance between virtual design and physical construction that her role provides, “In gaming design, we get to create amazing products, but what I like about Spatial Media is that we can link our work to real-world infrastructure. I enjoy being able to work on an infrastructure project and be able to drive past it while it is being constructed or completed and have the satisfaction of saying, ‘my work contributed to building that!’"

When she is not supporting our client’s projects, you’ll usually find Lauren gaming or spending time with her family, with her highly valued assistant (pictured) never far away from the action.