Welcome, Rob! Meet Spatial Media’s Newest Developer


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Welcome, Rob! Meet Spatial Media’s Newest Developer

Solutions Software Developer Rob Deskoski joined us in January to bolster our development team. A multi-talented developer, Rob has built a career with an all-around skill set that is hard to match. From game design to IT Administration, Rob’s skillset and broad experience will be vital to supporting our continued growth and the major projects we bring to life.

“I am excited to join the team,” said Rob. “Across Australia, we are going through a period of unprecedented infrastructure investment. In every state and territory, major transport, energy, renewables, urban development, and civic infrastructure programs are in the works and each one will benefit communities as they come online and transform the way we live, work and commute.”

“To be at the forefront of bringing those projects to life feels like a privileged opportunity, as we contribute to, in part, the process of garnering feedback from the wider community on aspects of national and state infrastructure. This is on top of providing easily-available, parsable information—in both a written and visual format—that is of public interest, like environmental impacts or locations of nearby tunnelling.”

“I’m based in an outer suburb north of inner-city Melbourne around the Thomastown area, which offers the best of Melbourne: beautiful parks and nature, complemented by all the benefits of big city living.”

“And as a Melburnian, it’s great to be in a cosmopolitan global city and one in which significant strides are being made by the government in regards to infrastructure. What’s even better? I work for an organisation at the heart of bringing Victoria’s transformation to life across multiple formats that can be accessed whenever and wherever citizens need key information.”

Drawing on his strong skillset and broad experience, Rob thinks his abilities are needed to support complex projects that utilise the latest technologies and approaches to community and stakeholder engagement.

“I have a diverse I.T. background and am an all-rounder. I started my career in games development before moving into web development, and then onward to I.T. administration. As a next set of career challenges, I transitioned into DevOps, then mobile phone development, and right back to being a frontend web developer again, with backend aspirations.”

“I think that my multidisciplinary background will support our clients’ projects as I can bring perspectives and a background experience to each project that offer different ideas that will ensure each asset we deliver has the best possible chance of achieving its key goals.”

With a few weeks as a team member under his belt, Rob feels that he is settling in well and has already become part of the team.

“I recently attended my first team conference; it was great fun! As a new starter, it gave me an excellent opportunity to meet members from across the organisation in person and gain a sense of who works on and supports what parts of the many projects at the company. Presentations—Ben and Kalvin’s being a highlight —were informative, and it was awesome to meet our team members who had travelled over from Canada up to Mount Tamborine.”

“I’m also enjoying connecting with teammates across the globe. Though I’ve worked remotely in this fashion before, I find coordinating meetings and workflow between the various time zones with Spatial Media’s staff pain-free and enjoyable. Since I prefer working remotely by default, I really enjoy the balance between the autonomy of performing work tasks versus the routine of daily check-ins, and the ability to reach out to co-workers to utilise their specific experience and wisdom, as required.”

“It also provides me with a good sense of a balance between work and play. I enjoy a wide range of interests: Weightlifting, reading, writing, watching niche/cult filmography, singing and guitar, and I’m currently learning to play the drums. The flexibility I have at Spatial Media allows me to deliver great work and also enjoy the things that bring balance and added value in life.”