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Neighbourhood Flood Risk Portal

Project description

Spatial Media was engaged by the City of Fredericton to create a first-of-its-kind flood mitigation portal. The interactive map allows residents to search for their address and learn what types of flooding their property may be susceptible too and seethe recommended Flood Prevention Strategies through custom animations.   Funding for this project was provided by Intact Public Entities (IPE) and Intact Financial Corporation.

Caused by heavy rainfall, rapid snow melt, ice jams, or storm surges, floods are the most common natural disaster in Canada. They can happen at any time of year. In extreme cases, they can damage homes, properties, and endanger the safety of residents.

Climate change will make our community even more vulnerable to flooding in the decades to come. We can expect increasing rainfall, including during the winter months when the frozen soil can’t absorb as much water. As the city grows, more paved surfaces will have a similar effect, allowing flood waters to spread further and faster.  Learn more on the client website here

Explore the interactive map here:

Project details

Client:City of Fredericton
Tags: Interactive Engagement Portals & Map