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Waterfront East LRT Extension

Project description

Toronto's Eastern Waterfront is one of the fastest-growing areas in the city and across North America, and we are excited to bring to life the planned Waterfront East LRT Section. With an estimated 50,00 jobs and 100,000 new residents, extending public transport connections along the Eastern Waterfront will support the City’s rapidly growing waterfront neighbourhoods, enabling the connection of new suburbs, parks and commercial zones.

Spatial Media was engaged to create a series of videos on the project including a Project Overview, Segment 1 Benefits and Segment 1 Construction for TTC, Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto in collaboration with the teams at WSP, SAI, West8, Public Work, dtah and Stantec.

View the WELRT videos on the client YouTube page:
Waterfront East LRT Extension - Overview 

Waterfront East LRT Extension - Segment 1, Construction

Waterfront East LRT Extension - Segment 1, Design 

Additional project information: City of Toronto

Project details

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