Phil’s trip to a land Downunder

Posted in Press on 2023-01-19.

A cool thing at Spatial Media is that with projects across Australia, New Zealand and Canada, our team has the opportunity to work in different parts ...

Accessibility, Simplicity and Mapping trends to drive engagement in 2023.

Posted in Press, Product on 2023-01-17.

There are many macro-trends buzzing about in the technology space these days that will obviously get a...

International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Australasia Provides Reunions and a vision of a Brave. New, World

Posted in Press on 2022-11-03.

After a couple of years of lockdowns, cancelled events and postponed get-togethers, Australia’s community and stakeholder engagement professionals wer...

Introducing Spatial Tech

Posted in Press, Product on 2022-10-30.

Spatial Media is proud to announce the formation of Spatial Tech, a new subsidiary that will spearhead the development and commercialisation of the or...

Toronto visual communication company Spatial Media to bring to life Australia’s first offshore windfarm

Posted in Press on 2022-10-24.

Toronto visual communication company Spatial Media to bring to life Australia’s first offshore windfarm

Meet Our English Outpost

Posted in Press on 2022-08-14.

From Australia via Canada, we're on the last leg of our whistle-stop tour of the Spatial Media Commonwealth, now heading to Northampton in the UK to m...

Meet Our New Canucks

Posted in Press on 2022-08-12.

As we grow in North America, we’re adding to our Canadian team while we support new infrastructure projects in the Great White North.

Meet our New Aussie Team Members

Posted in Press on 2022-08-10.

As part of people week at Spatial Media, we caught up with three of our newest Aussie recruits to learn a little more about their roles, remote workin...

Blake's Big Adventure

Posted in Press on 2022-07-21.

As Spatial Media grows, so does our ability to enable our team members to take up new opportunities anywhere in the world. From team members working r...

New interactive map crowdsources Montreal’s potholes

Posted in Press on 2022-06-03.

The Montreal Pothole map allows users to filter by pothole risk (vehicle or pedestrian/cyclist), cycling routes, and bixi stations.